Fall rains bring the river levels up from summer levels, and with the elevated water come the Steelhead. These rivers all have their origins in the Olympic National Park. River fishing is done from a heated drift boat. Also on the schedule are the upper Quinalt and Queels Rivers. Both these rivers, like the Forks area rivers, host the largest winter Steelhead in the world.

steelhead01Steelhead fishing is done out of Forks, Washington. Here the mighty Quillayute System composed of the Sol Duc, Calawah, Bogachiel, Dickey, plus the Hoh River are the main attractions. These river systems have some of the strongest runs of Steelhead Salmon in the world.

Thanksgiving is the kickoff time for fishing Steelhead that then gives way to the prize wild Steelhead by early January. Catch and release is highly encouraged on wild Steelhead to help preserve this magnificent run of fish. Wild 20 pound Steelhead are not uncommon with a legitimate shot at a 30 pound fish. Bait and tackle are provided. Fishing methods include back trolling plugs, side-drifting, and float fishing. Tightlines Sportsfishing is one of the originators of the float fishing method for Steelhead & Salmon on the Olympic Peninsula.

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